September 5, 2022

New strategic partnership with Serta, El Salvador’s ambitious Plan with RI, and other updates

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Standing strong on the mission to close the connectivity gap and extend network coverage in the Middle East and Africa, Radio Innovation acquired a new partner – Serta, who will distribute and supply Radio Innovation’s antennas in the region. Serta is an ICT solutions provider and a subsidiary of Resource Group. We know that with the partners like Serta, who share the vision for the connected world, we can achieve the mission much faster.

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As countries are opening up after the long pandemic, Radio Innovation now has the opportunity to meet and introduce its product to customers worldwide. In July, Radio Innovation and the Embassy of El Salvador in Sweden paid a visit to El Salvador to meet the government and potential customers and discuss the business possibilities in Latin America. The plan is to set up several POCs in October in El Salvador as the first step toward becoming a partner in El Salvador’s National Connectivity Plan, which aims to connect the whole country with top-quality internet. We also met with the private MNOs Telefonica and Claro- had very successful meetings, and we strive to have PoC with them as well. We could see and feel the immediate need of this fast-developing blooming country for cost-efficient high-speed mobile internet, and we will be happy to help them to reach their goal. The next step for us will be to build strong relationships with the rest of the Latin American market and explore the possibilities of establishing an assembly in the area as a strategic distribution solution.

Business delegation of Radio Innovation together with H.E. Ambassador Patricia Godínez, CEO of COATL, Uwe Martinz, and his technical team, which is part of the development of the Connectivity Plan in El Salvador

Radio Innovation is preparing for Telecom Infra Project event – Fyuz, where we will meet our strategic partners, Orange and Meta (Facebook). An event where leaders of open and disaggregated network solutions and the wider telecoms industry will gather to share and discuss recipes for success. A unique experience, combining technology with gastronomy that will stir your imagination.

We are also in discussion with 80+ customers worldwide. The prospects are split in the following sales process phase from mid to end:

· seven prospects are in the “PoC proposed” phase

· six prospects are in the “PoC agreed,” and all have been completed and discussed to progress to the “commercial proposal” phase

· six prospects are in the “commercial proposal” phase

Our finance, admin, and legal team support the sales and operational teams when scaling up the business and internationalizing relations with customers, suppliers, and partners. The team also participates in preparing the next investment round, planned for the coming months.

Our Production in Warsaw, Poland, with Teknoprod, has started with the education of the production personnel. We plan to ramp up production at full speed at the end of September. Among other news from the R&D team:

· Developed a new dipole design for diecasting starting with LB (high runner), MB, and HB.

· Started a cost reduction project, including dipole, backplane, and radom.

· Completed the prototype of 1,3m Urban Range antenna MB and HB, dual beam and quad beam.

The Urban Range antennas prototype of 3,5 GHz 1,3m is coming in late 2022.

We wish you a great week, and we will be sending our next update at the end of October!

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