Our value proposition

Increased network performance

Radio Innovation solution increases coverage and network capacity through gain enhancement, reduction of interference, improving load-balancing, and eliminating PIM. It allows mobile operators to get the most value from their current investment in network and spectrum by improving network performance, such as drop call rate, call set-up success rate, data throughput, total traffic, and more.

Lower need for traditional cell densification

Radio Innovation antenna has higher gain, hence delivering greater efficiency and significantly improving voice and data footprint within the cell in urban and rural areas.

Improved coverage

Radio Innovation antenna has higher gain, hence delivering greater efficiency and significantly improving voice and data footprint within the cell in urban and rural areas.

>100% stronger indoor signal in urban areas

In urban areas, the sector shape of the beam in combination with higher gain efficiency enables an improvement in indoor signal levels of 4dB or higher. This improvement in gain creates a better indoor penetration and a more extensive data footprint (coverage) of >3x compared to standard antennas.
Radio Innovation solution has two beams per antenna compared to a traditional antenna one beam. Each beam of RI is 47°, so two beams cover almost 90° as compared to conventional 65°. It is one of the reasons for RI delivering a more significant data footprint than traditional antennas, while the other is the higher degree efficiency of the antenna capacity.

This opportunity enables the mobile operator to increase their revenue potential per site by expanding subscribers within the increased footprint area.

Our solution dramatically improves the current infrastructure investment and reduces the need for additional site acquisition and all the tedious work and expenses related to this work.

In urban areas, the cell edge is often located indoors and in the center of a cell’s geographical coverage area, making it ideal for increasing voice revenue by offering better indoor coverage.

Lower need for traditional cell densification

Radio Innovation solution broadcasts the signal much farther and more comprehensively than standard, increases capacity, and eliminates the need for infill sites because of the lesser need for site densification. This improvement can reduce the total cost of ownership up to 50%, like CAPEX for site acquisition and OPEX to run those infill sites, which is necessary when going for higher frequency bands with a shorter range.
Radio Innovation solution is a unique, patented technology that allows for <9dB (<300%) higher gain and broader data footprint (two beams with 47°) than compared to similar antennas based on traditional technology. It reduces the number of sites needed in greenfield networks and the number of infill sites required to fill coverage holes in existing networks.

>400% geographical coverage enhancement in rural areas

Radio Innovation solutions allow mobile operators to maximize data coverage in rural areas, reaching indoors in outlying villages. Offering increased geographical coverage of up to 400% compared to standard antenna solution, which is equivalent to replacing five sites with conventional antennas.

>300% more gain via configurable antenna modules

Radio Innovation solutions are unique, patented antenna technology configurable by modules allowing for higher gains up to 9dB (300%) than traditional antenna technology.

Enhanced load balancing

Higher spectrum bands have greater bandwidth availability, while their cell range is shorter than lower spectrum bands. Radio Innovation solution improves higher spectrum bands cell range (>1800MHz), so more subscribers can use those bands. The mobile operator can retain their investment while enhancing the revenue abilities of the higher spectrum bands.

Increase the two-dimension metrics capacity and quality

Radio Innovation solution increases network quality and double capacity through utilizing a better spectrum efficiency with higher gains while maintaining current infrastructure investments. Radio Innovation solution increases the cell range and the data footprint of the higher band, which delivers a better customer experience. It will, in turn, allow mobile operators to grow the data subscriber base and increase data speed among subscribers to achieve incremental improvement of revenues.

Extending the available spectrum

Customer experience depends on how much spectrum is available and can be used, which is then dependent on the capacity utilization and coverage. With higher utilization, the capacity will increase for the subscriber and so the usage. The mobile operator is investing in an expensive spectrum, which they need to prolong their investment as far as possible to recoup it.
In the illustration above, the legacy antenna (black) creates a larger interference area that extends farther from the edge of the cell (best server coverage area) compared to the Radio Innovation antenna (dark blue). It means you can place a more significant amount of energy and enhance indoor penetration without leaking signals into the neighboring cell. Higher signal and lower interference translate to better network quality and improved subscriber experience.

Virtually PIM-free

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) is the generation of interfering signals caused by non-linearities in the mechanical components, like junctions between dissimilar materials, cables, connectors, rust, loose connections, and oxidation. It harms dropped call rate, system capacity, data rates, and mobile devices’ battery life.

Finding PIM and replacing antennas is also a cost. Often, PIM can be stealing capacity for a long time before operators realize PIM has become a problem.

PIM is not a factor in Radio Innovation because of our unique design. All PIM sources such as soldering, cables, dissimilar material contacts don’t exist, leading to an almost PIM-free antenna.

2. Value for subscribers

Revenue enhancement

Radio Innovation solutions will drive and support revenue increase through a more significant footprint (voice and data), regardless of operators' customer strategy. Either way, Radio Innovation antennas will support mobile operators to capitalize the most of their CAPEX investment in network and spectrum.

Radio Innovation solution creates the opportunities to upsell or cross-sell data offerings to subscribers because Radio innovation allows mobile operators to more than double data capacity in the network. This increase leads to a better customer experience, which encourages subscribers to increase data usage via a better indoor penetration (improving voice and data revenue) and a better outdoor experience on both voice and data.

Double network capacity

Radio Innovation will more than double network capacity allowing mobile operators to grow subscriber base within the same spectrum without degrading customer experience in indoor or outdoor coverage. Radio Innovation will enable higher network performance. Subscribers will stay on the network longer instead of switching to Wi-Fi. It offers mobile operators the opportunity to monetize data usage better.

Monetize data usage

Through Radio Innovation, mobile operators can monetize more subscribers through a wider data footprint in a cell and a better indoor penetration to drive voice and data revenue enhancements, which means subscribers will stay longer on the mobile network than switch onto Wi-Fi. This improved customer experience will translate into revenue stream enhancement with possibilities for new types of product & service offerings to subscribers.

3. Value Proposition Customer Expo

Improved Customer Experience

Radio Innovation enables mobile operators to offer subscribers a better customer experience by enlarging the data footprint by 3x and doubling network capacity in the high spectrum band.

Higher customer experience

The cost of acquiring new subscribers is high, while retaining the high-value subscribers is becoming critical. One of the main reasons customers leave is poor network quality, like dropped calls, poor coverage, low data speeds, and poor indoor coverage, which are why high-value subscribers might change carriers.

Radio Innovation addresses all these issues. Radio Innovation supports mobile operators in retaining and growing subscribers within the network while delivering a better customer experience, higher throughput speeds, and improved coverage with fewer dropped calls across urban to rural areas and indoors, leading to longer battery life for subscribers.

Higher data throughput

Radio innovation enables up to 250% higher data throughput than standard antenna solutions and delivers a more significant data footprint that works across spectrum bands from 694 MHz to 2690 MHz. The larger data footprint enables mobile operators to offer a better customer experience when using apps or add more subscribers to the network without hampering the network quality or downgrading the customer experience.

Better coverage

Radio Innovation antennas enable higher capacity, continuous and seamless coverage that delivers higher quality than standard antenna solutions matching the subscriber’s need for seamless outdoor and indoor coverage.

Better indoor penetration

Radio Innovation solution enables good indoor penetration because of higher gain up to 9dB than traditional antennas, making it possible to penetration building so that subscribers can use their smartphone to call or surf the web or use their apps.

Lower drop rate

Radio Innovation antennas have a unique solution that combines high efficiency with low PIM resulting in lesser power usage at end-users smartphones, which extends the battery life of the smartphones and its availabilities on the network. In, addition much lesser calls get dropped due to interface or weak radio signals or coverage gaps.
Lesser sites mean lower energy consumption. Alternatively, getting the same coverage from lower transmission power results in lower CAPEX for solar power or lower OPEX for diesel fuel and lesser refueling visits to the sites. The resulting electricity savings can be in the range of 15-30%, depending on technology.

4. Value Proposition features

Improved Customer Experience

Radio Innovation enables mobile operators to offer subscribers a better customer experience by enlarging the data footprint by 3x and doubling network capacity in the high spectrum band.

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