- Board of Directors -

Our Board of Directors is comprised of members with expertise in a broad spectrum of areas, including company and business management, and investments. Get to know them!

Dennis Bohm

I have been an entrepreneur for more than thirty years, and I hope that my experience in problem-solving, networking and financial thinking is what Radio Innovation can benefit from. Moreover, I am honest and pride myself in being respectful to people around me, listen and very interested in helping people to develop people into the best version they can be.

My development is constant, not only as a businessperson but also as a human being. That sounded pompous, but that's how I feel.

"Honesty always lasts the longest."

Ulf Ekenman

I have been involved in and supported the company since its inception in 1984. I have always thought and still think that our antenna solution is fantastic and to now be able to be part of and actively contribute to the fact that all people, no matter where in the world they live, will be able to call and use the internet feels very special.

Most people wanting to invest want fast returns, but, that is not how it works in telecom - it's the long haul that really pays off!

"What can't be finished, is not worth doing."

Jörgen Nilsson

As a telecom and IT industry veteran, I have over 30 years of experience in Senior Executive roles at leading blue-chip companies globally. So when I heard about Radio Innovation, I wanted to be part of the journey and to do what I do best.

Having been a coach for other CEOs, I try to be a role model for the teams I have had and have the pleasure to work with now.

"I try to be a role model for the teams I have had and have the pleasure to work with now."

Pär-Ola Mannefred

I was introduced to Radio Innovation a few years back. Up until then I had invested in real estate , but  decided to do something entirely different this time around.

I have a background in business law and administration and have worked in managerial positions in finance and administration. Now, since ten years I am working with my  present business partner with property, property management and property development.

"Do not judge yesterday with the information you have today."